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Name:René d'Aramis
Location:Paris, France

René d'Aramis | The Three Musketeers (2011)

- Description: Aramis is six feet tall with a slender, athletic build, curly dark hair and hazel eyes. Birth date: Nov 14, 1593. Canon entry point year: 1626.

- History: A deeply spiritual man, Aramis was once a priest, but had a crisis of faith when he realized the church was merely an Earthly organization run by greedy men, used to propogate their own wealth and power, and not the beacon of light and hope for believers that it was meant to be. No longer feeling close to God as a member of the clergy (he now believes that being a man of God and a man of the cloth are not only different, but are possibly mutually exclusive), he sought spiritual fulfilment elsewhere, and found himself in service to France's annointed king as a member of his personal guard: the Musketeers. Protecting the king, who is chosen by God, was a way for him to serve God's will using skills he learned in a youth spent learning to fence and the education his keen intellect gained in his spiritual studies.

Teamed with two other highly skilled Musketeers named Athos and Porthos, Aramis quickly grew in regard and reputation as a member of the famous Three Musketeers, the men handed the most dangerous and important assignments to protect king and country.

Their last official assignment together prior to his point of entry was to retrieve plans for DaVinci's war machine - a heavily armed dirigible - from DaVinci's personal vault in Venice and to bring them back to France. However, they were betrayed by Athos' lover, Milady de Winter, to the Duke of Buckingham and the plans fell into the hands of the English instead.

Returning to France empty-handed and disgraced, Athos, Porthos and Aramis were dismissed from the Musketeers by Cardinal Richlieu. Though they remained close friends and roommates, they had to find other livelihoods. Aramis was the only one to actually take a job, working for the City of Paris, handing out citations for petty infractions. It was during his duties that he met a hot-headed young man named D'Artagnan, who had come to Paris looking to join the Musketeers. D'Artagnan challenged the citation Aramis had written him, then challenged Aramis to a duel. Aramis discovered, that afternoon, that the boy had also challenged Athos and Porthos, but they ended up befriending him when the duel was interrupted by the Cardinal's guards and D'Artagnan helped the three former Musketeers defeat them.

The Three Musketeers, along with D'Artagnan returned to the king's favour and regained their reputations when they put a stop to Cardinal Richlieu's secret plans to overthrow the king and assume the throne.

- Disclaimer: Aramis does not belong to me. He is portrayed by Luke Evans and belongs to the copyright holders. This journal is for role-playing only and is not for profit.

"The men I kill deserve to die. But they also deserve peace."
-- Aramis
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